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Hachette Book Group Audio Giveaway: THE BOOK OF LIES by Brad Meltzer

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J-Kaye is hosting an audio book giveaway again! This woman makes me look bad when it comes to contests.

Since I love contests and books and audio, I have to tell you about it…..

You need to click HERE and find out all the nitty gritty details! OK?

Cool Rug…..Contest

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For a chance to win your own flokati rug ($79) from nuLoom Inc, visit All Things Bloggy.

With hardwood floors all around, I need this rug! Sheesh, my feet are gonna get cold this winter. So please don’t enter, I want to win! :)

Well fine, go ahead, I don’t mind. :( Skulks away pouting!


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I love cow! Not the animal, the meat! But if you were to feed me steak every day of the week for the next 6 months, I think I may actually beg you for a hot dog, or chicken. Sometimes it’s inconceivable that something that is so good to you, so delectable can become something that you abhor.

Odd how life works sometimes.

The Lost Dog Book Giveaway! – Tell your friends!

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It’s a happy, happy day when I get to say that Hachette Books is going to host a giveaway on my site! So guess what!? It’s a happy, happy day!

Valerie at Hachette Books has been generous to give the lucky readers of this blog 5 (count them slowly) chances to win this wonderful book!

Here are the rules!

1. 18 or older only please!
2. You must live in the US or Canada only!
3. No PO Boxes!
4. Leave your email address in the body of the comment or you WILL NOT be entered!

Leave a comment on this blog and tell me this:

Do you have a dog, and if you do, what is his/her name!?
I have 2 dogs, and their names are: Zoe and Boomer!

That’s it! I will contact the winner on the date of the draw which is: (drum roll please) 8/7/09

Book Information

Tom Loxley, an Indian-Australian professor, is less concerned with finishing his book on Henry James than with finding his dog, who is lost in the Australian bush.

Joining his daily hunt is Nelly Zhang, an artist whose husband disappeared mysteriously years before Tom met her. Although Nelly helps him search for his beloved pet, Tom isn’t sure if he should trust this new friend.

Tom has preoccupations other than his book and Nelly and his missing dog, mainly concerning his mother, who is suffering from the various indignities of old age. He is constantly drawn from the cerebral to the primitive–by his mother’s infirmities, as well as by Nelly’s attractions. THE LOST DOG makes brilliant use of the conventions of suspense and atmosphere while leading us to see anew the ever-present conflicts between our bodies and our minds, the present and the past, the primal and the civilized.

About Michelle de Kretser

Michelle de Kretser was born in Sri Lanka and emigrated to Australia when she was fourteen. She was educated in Melbourne and Paris and has worked as an editor and a book reviewer.

The Hamilton Case, her second novel, received the Commonwealth Writers Prize (SE Asia and Pacific region), and the Society of Authors’ (U.K.) Encore Award for best second novel of the year. It was also first runner-up for Barnes & Noble’s Discover Award in Fiction, and a New York Times Notable Book.

The Lost Dog is her third novel. It was a finalist for the Commonwealth Writers Prize and received the 2008 Christina Stead Prize for fiction.

New release by Kissa Starling, Carl’s Story

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Announcing the great new release from Kissa Starling, Carl’s Story. Available from Red Rose Publishing on July 23, 2009.

A poor body image and public play at the Dungeon don’t mix so what’s a submissive to do?

Sylvie and Carl used to be prominent play partners at the dungeon. Fast forward to three kids later and Sylvie is ashamed of her once perfect body. Carl understands that restoring her self confidence is his responsibility but he’s not sure how to do it. When her body issues affect their marriage he knows that it’s time for drastic action. An upcoming birthday provides him not only with the perfect time but the perfect solution to their problems as well…

Book Giveaway has a great Giveaway…….

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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Genie Scheme Book Giveaway…

When Janna impulsively buys a winter hat for a bag lady, she expects nothing in return. But Janna’s kindness pays off in a big way when the bag lady turns out to be a genie! Now Janna is the genie’s master and she couldn’t be happier, especially when she learns that the “three wishes” rule is strictly for fairy tales!

Before long, Janna’s room is overflowing with clothes and gadgets — but things aren’t quite as simple as they seem. Making wishes comes with its own set of rules, and Janna discovers that “unlimited” has some…well, limits. Genies can’t make something out of nothing, so everything that Janna wishes for is taken from somebody else. Oops. And then there’s the problem of genie wattage — there’s only so much of it, and Janna is using it up faster than she’d like. What’s a greedy girl to do?

With insight, warmth, and a refreshing dose of humor, Kimberly K. Jones puts a new twist on the old adage “Be careful what you wish for.” Reading level: Ages 9-12

I read this book and really enjoyed it!
Thanks to Kimberly K. Jones I get to give one of this book away!
To win it…
Follow my blog 1 entry
Leave a comment 1 entry
Blog about the giveaway and leave me a link 3 entries
(please leave a comment for each entry)
Giveaway ends on Tues. July 21st, 2009. Good Luck everyone!

Super Awesome Contest

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Bookshelf Lamp Review and Giveaway…

Have you ever seen a contest so cool that you knew you just had to win. So you had to do whatever you were told to do to win said contest. Well that is what I am doing now. Click the above link to head over to Book Giveaways and enter the Bookshelf Lamp Giveaway! Such a simple idea, you think that you would have seen millions of them around by now.

Run….do it….do it….NOW!

The girl’s first homemade video

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Got to love when a 5 year old makes a home video!

New to me book blogs

Jul 6th, 2009 Posted in Life and Family | no comment » – It’s odd how the circle of the world goes around. I click on links to research my articles and just to see what kinds of things are in the world. I found this book blog and found another friend of mine there. So a shout out to as she goes through her major construction job! – OMG, this man has a 10 silly questions post that he does with guest authors (being a great author himself) and he makes me giggle like a school girl! Just too funny…..maybe not so much a book blog then…..oops, let me try another. – I’m astounded beyond all measures that someone can read a book a day. I can’t take the time anymore to read a book a week. It’s killing me, but with life …..well hell’s bells that’s enough to stop me from reading too much. But this book blog is just way too much! And she has recipes and pics from her past! Too cool. – honestly I only stopped for the name! But it’s a great blog. And I love hairy men too. And mine is fairly hairless and overly conscience about the hair he does have. :)

Well right now, I think that’s all I am going to add. I have found literally hundreds more, but no point boring you with most of them. (They were mostly marketing and promotion related!) So, till the next time I drag my butt off here to write some blogs out!