The difference between my back to school and theirs….

I remember a few things from the old dusty days!

1. Going to the store (only ONE) to get clothing. If there were jeans on sale, I got 5 pair! All the same color, my dad didn’t care about style.
2. I got the cheapest supplies that covered my needs.
3. I got a new pair of canvas sneakers, lovingly refered to as ‘bobos’!

My kids:

1. Go to every store in the mall plus Walmart, Kmart, and Target and complain that there is nothing that they like or that everything that they do like is in the wrong size.
2. Find that everything that is on the supply list ‘isn’t right’ and they aren’t going to buy that. They are going to buy the mechanical pencils not the “ones you have to sharpen”! And instead of getting the $0.25 folder, they have to have $1.50 one that has the cute little polka dots and stripes on it “cause everyone else will have them”! So much for originality.
3. The shoes that they will want will cost $200.00 and they will HAVE to have them NOW. No, they will not do extra chores for them. They NEED them for school. It’s something that they have to have. It’s a need, not a want! When you tell them they are not finished growing and you are not going to buy a pair of $200.00 shoes that they will outgrow in 3 months they pout! You show them the $30.00 shoes that look nearly the same but don’t have the fancy label on it, and they say, “Those are GENERIC I can’t be seen with THOSE on.” You throw your hands in the air and tell yourself that a shot of Jack would be a good idea right about now….breathe in, breathe out. You look at your child, tell them they have a $30.00 limit for shoes and you don’t care what they get as long as they get the *&* ^ shoes! They come up sheepishly 30 minutes later with a $35.00 pair of shoes and ask if they can have these….$5.00 to get you out of shoe hell, jump on it.

That is the difference between my back to school and my kids back to school!

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  1. Suzanne Brandyn says:

    Oh the times they are a changing. :)

    Sure can relate to that :)

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