Review: Glorious by Bernice McFadden

I’ve suffered through some 20th Century Novel courses for college. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. But in all honesty I couldn’t get through most of the other EIGHT books we had to read in the 8 week semester.

Had Bernice McFadden‘s book been in that course, I would have had a book that I could read in no time at all and would have honestly enjoyed.

When I started this book I will admit that I was a little taken aback by the “20th Century Novelishness” (yes, another made up word…love having my own blog) of it. I said to myself, “Self, I’ll read for a minute and then put it down.” Well I don’t listen well, even to myself.

In about 5 minutes I was forty pages into the book and my fiance looked at me a little odd. (It must have been the look on my face of pure confusion and delight!)

“She didn’t waste a word! Not one single word! Every word had meaning and carried this story forward. I didn’t have a chance to get bored at all. I honestly thought I’d only read 10 pages!”

In my very humble (correct) opinion Glorious will be read as thoroughly and with as much reverence as Ms. Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. This book had me running through every gamut of feelings known to man! Love, lust, sadness, despair, hate, desire, fear, happiness, and loneliness. I recommend anyone who enjoys realistic, heart-wrenching, perfectly written fiction stop now and order Glorious TODAY!

I would like to thank Bernice McFadden, in conjunction with BookBlogs, for her kindness in allowing me to review this wonderful book! This book will be donated to the Hepburn Library so that others may share in this wonderful reading experience.

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